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2022 Mission Trip and Running Camp in Kenya


    In Summer 2022, TWK will be hosting International running camp/mission trip through Grace of God Children’s project. 2016 Mission Trip and Running Camp will be held in Eldoret Kenya for two to four weeks.  We are going to have two groups going for a mission trip and running camp in Kenya. TWK coaches and staff will be leading the camp at high altitude training areas.

    In addition, this trip will serve as a mission trip in Eldoret, Kenya (approx. 2000m above sea level) and other parts of Kenya. The fee to join our “Mission Trip and Camp in Kenya” is  $3000per person and $2500 for students under the age of 18 and coaches. Any Coach pays $2500 and coach with seven runners comes free.

     Your fee includes all accommodations, ground transportation, meals, round trip airfare to and from Nairobi and other activities provided as part of our program. The fee also includes hotel accommodations for recommended day of arrival in Nairobi. You fee does not include wildlife safari activities



        Send application form with a $500 deposit to reserve your space. The $500 deposit is to reserve your space. It is NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason. Substitutes are allowed. If you pay in full and cannot attend mission trip/camp for medical reasons, you are entitled to a refund minus the deposit. Refund checks will only be written after August 15th 2019.

   Deposit of  $ 500 is due right now.  Final payment ($ 2500 per month for 18yrs and older, $2000 per month for 18yrs and under) is due on or before May 30th if paying with personal check. Cash, money orders and certified checks are accepted.

     Make Checks payable to Grace of God Children’s Project c/o Train with Kenyans camp Kenya and mail to P.O BOX 223 Emory,VA 24237 . NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER July 31st, 2019. We accept certified checks, money orders, or cash.

   All groups will 2-4 weeks camp and mission work at high altitude in Eldoret and Iten, Kenya and other parts of high altitude!  Parents/guardian and anyone who has to leave before the end of program can leave anytime(we  allow flexible schedule). You just need to let us know about your flight itinerary so we can arrange to drop you off at the airport.  We will have 2 days of Safari as soon as you arrive in Kenya.

 You need to let us know if you will be arriving early or staying late so we can make arrangement for airport pick up.

   We do not allow families making their own flights arrangements since we provide with travel package including trip insurance. We try to get the cheapest ticket in order to keep the costs for participants as low as possible.  We also have some case to case situation where we let you use your frequent flier miles if our airline don’t accept your frequent flier miles. This means that as long as you're able to find flights that arrive between those dates stated, then you are free to buy the best fares, with or without frequent flier miles.

   A limit of 50 people can go at one time, first come first serve! You can choose either  first two weeks of the month, part of the month, both two weeks, entire summer,  based on work or school schedule. Middle and High school runners, College runners, Professional runners, parents, relatives and everyone are welcome!

    You are going to run or help with other duties or mission work in Kenya!  You do not have to attend TWK running camp to be eligible for “Mission Trip and Camp in Kenya” trip. Anyone is welcome to join for this special trip Kenya. Please complete the Mission Trip Application by clicking the link below.


By what date do I have to absolutely commit by?  March 30th 2022




    As a part of our mission, Train With Kenyans donates money to grace of God Children’s Project ( We suggest our groups going to Kenya to raise a few dollars to donate to the orphanage and in other outreach ministries. Even a small amount of money can make a significant difference in Kenya.

   Any amount is good, money you raised will be tax exempt and we will issue you a receipt for your taxes purposes. As soon as we receive your application, we will provide you with our tax except information so you can use towards your fundraising for this trip; also when you will be asking for donation.

   Your hours will also be compensated. Upon completion of the program we will provide each participant with a certificate indicating the number of community service hours, especially those hours spend serving at the orphanage and helping in the community. If you need a specific school form completed, please forward it to us and we will document your hours as required.



Our lodging will be at the wonderful ”Grace of God Children’s Centre” near Eldoret, Kenya.  We will also have accommodations at nearby running camps. More details on accommodation facilities are coming soon.



       This is a unique trip that combines training with elite Kenyan athletes at high altitudes on the world's best trails. You will also get a broad cultural experience as well as work with the Grace of God Children's Project and other local community outreach ministries.

     You will visit traditional Kenyan tourist destinations. Highlights include training in Eldoret, Iten and, regions that have traditionally produced, and continue to produce Kenya’s greatest runners; renowned high-altitude training centers.

     Basically, you will be running and running and running, visiting various rural villages, helping at some of the orphanages, going on a safari for a few days, meeting various top Kenyans athletes and coaches, pushing hard on high altitude training. You will also have fun and enjoy a lot of adventures in Kenya!



Kenyan visa application. Apply at Nairobi airport as soon as you arrive.

Train with Kenyans running camp c/o coach David Cheromei P.O BOX 8101 ELdoret,Kenya. Phone# 0722626516. Duration of stay is three weeks.

Kenyan Wildlife- get to see the Kenyan wildlife face to face(make sure you take your camera and take many pictures as you can.....

 Where is Eldoret?





Registration is now open! Register online, make a $500 deposit to reserve your spot or pay in full. You do not have to attend previous Train with Kenyan Running camps to be eligible to go!  We can use your help for other things if you are not a runner... please join us!


Download  Mission Trip Application under Camp in Kenya. You will need to complete both Applications if you attending camp in Kenya. You will need to complete Mission application if you are going to do only for mission trip.


-Kenya Visa application

-Kenya Mission Recommended Immunizations

Tetanus-Diptheria vaccine (TD) every 10 years

Influenza (Flu) vaccine (ages 50+) every year

Pneumococcal vaccine (ages 65+)1 adult dose

Polio   1 adult dose (for life)

Yellow Fever vaccine  every 10 years

Measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMMR)    1 dose (for life)

Typhoid vaccine (oral-Vivotif Berna capsule EC - 1 tab every     every 5 years  other day for 4 doses.  Begin at least 14 days before travel)

Varicella (chicken pox), unless immune or prior vaccination

Hepatitis A & B (Twinrix) - 3 injections (2 before trip and 1 six months later)

Meningocaccal vaccine (Menatra if under 55 - Menamune if over 55) every 7 years

Malaria Pills 

    Mefloquine (brand name: Lariam (TM) and generic)  

    Directions for use: The adult dosage is 250 mg salt (one tablet) once per week.

   - Take the first dose of Mefloquine 1 week before arrival in the risk area.

   - Take Mefloquine once a week, on same day each week, while in the risk area.

    - Take Mefloquine once a week for 4 weeks after leaving the malaria risk area.

    - Mefloquine must be taken on a full stomach (after meal) 5 PM-6PM recommended

    Mefloquine side effects and warnings:  the most common side effects reported by travelers include headache, nausea, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, vivid dreams, and visual disturbances. 

   Mefloquine has rarely been reported to cause serious side effects such as seizures, depression, and psychosis.  These serious side effects are more frequent in higher doses used to treat malaria; most travelers taking Mefloquine do not have side effects serious enough to stop taking the drug.  (other anti-malarial drugs are available if you cannot tolerate Mefloquine; see your health care provider.)


Procedure: Check with your physician first.  It is usually less cost than the Health Dept. and insurance may pay.  Note: some folks cannot take the malaria pills or other medicines due to health issues or other prescriptions.  One alternative is doxcycline, which is taken before during and after the trip, but there are also others.  Another is Malarone tablets.  




Terms and Conditions for Mission Trip and Camp in Kenya trip


Runners, coaches, parent and everyone else are responsible for any and all medical expenses incurred during the travel and during the camp period in Kenya!

Please do not bring valuables, electronics or large sums of money. TWK will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.




Participant and parent should give permission to the physician selected by the Train with Kenyans, LLC or Grace of God Children’s Project staff to order X-rays, routine tests and treatment and give permission to the attending physician to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection and/or anesthesia and/or surgery for my child or for myself. Participant and parents should understand that Train with Kenyans, LLC , Grace of God Children’s Project and its staff are not liable for any medical charges. Runners, parents, staff and Coaches are responsible for any and all medical expenses incurred during travel and camp in Kenya. If allergic to bee stings, you must bring a bee sting kit.

In addition, participant should acknowledge that distance training is a potentially hazardous activity and that you have made a voluntary choice to participate or permit your minor child to participate in the Train with Kenyans, LLC in Kenya despite the risks that it presents. Participant should agree to ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISKS OF INJURY OR DEATH, which may be associated with or result me or from your minor's participation in this event or traveling to this camp in Kenya.

Further to agree to RELEASE FROM LIABILITY and to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Train with Kenyans, LLC, Grace of God Children’s Project and its staff for damage, injury or death to the participant or to any person or property (whether or not caused by their NEGLIGENCE) in any way connected with the participant's preparation, or practice or participation in the camp.

Application will not be accepted without signing a release.


We can’t wait for you to join us on this wonderful trip full of fun and adventures. Let us know if you have any other question so we can add to this FAQ list. Please e-mail us at at any time! For immediate assistance call coach David Cheromei at +1434-258-4908










Camps is OPEN  to any and all entrants

(limited only by number, age, grade level, and gender).





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