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At Train with Kenyans Running Camp, we teach and demonstrate the principles which make Kenyans the most successful runners in history: Simplicity, Focus, Belief and Togetherness.  Through classroom instruction on subjects such as nutrition and racing strategy, field instruction on running form and core strength as well as  running and talking with elite Kenyan athletes, the student will gain knowledge and confidence to reach new heights in the cross country and track seasons.


This is an instructional camp, therefore the emphasis will be on the skills learned and not the miles covered.  We hold 3 workouts per day, a morning run, and afternoon drills session and an evening run.  These are opportunities to model the skills taught and another forum for instruction.  This year we are dividing the camp into three levels based on experience and ability.  This ensures that a camper is continually challenged in their training and can grow in their knowledge and mastery of their sport. 


This is a fairly rigorous program with early runs beginning at 7am, but we believe that the runner runs best when he or she is having fun.  We hold talent competitions, goofy olympics and other games to help strengthen the bond between training groups and counselors.

If you are a distance runner who aspires to improve, or a distance running coach who wishes to gain more insights into the craft of distance running, you do not want to miss this great opportunity to learn from the best in the world.

A Kenyan knows that part of being a good runner or coach is to have your heart in a true place. As a testament to our commitment to this ideal, we also organize mission trips/camp in Kenya. This is one of the unique ways in which Train With Kenyans distinguishes itself from other camps and organizations.  We offer travel opportunities where runners will come into contact with Kenyan runners in their own environment, learn directly from the best coaches and runners, run on the Kamariny track, eat Ugali, train on the trails of the Kenyan mountains, and learn from the ground up the principles of Kenyan running.

These two to four -week mission camp trips also lead to opportunities to reach out to those in need by working at the Grace of God's Children's Project (orphanage), dedicated to helping students and building clean water systems ( . These mission trips are open to anyone, young and old, not just runners. There is no better way to develop global athletes than sharing the international experience.


 Upcoming Camp:

 (1) Emory and Henry Nike Running Camp(Cross Country)


Camp Dates: July 14th-July 18th 2019

 Camp Location: Emory and Henry College

                               Emory, VA 24327

Capacity: 650

Registration: Open   

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Camps is OPEN  to any and all entrants

(limited only by number, age, grade level, and gender).
Cross Country Camp: (Camper only)
Check in: July 14th 10am-1PM
Checkout: July 18th 10-1PM
Parents be aware of the above dates as you make your traveling plans

We do offer optional transportation to and from airport(Tri-Cities Airport-TRI) for additional $50 paid in cash at check in. Please request airport pick up or drop off by e-mail(


Emory and Henry Nike Running Camp(Cross Country)




Train with Kenyans, LLC will offer a special discount for the Local Athletes-Residing within 50 Mile radius of Emory &Henry College. You can download the application and send in your application to:


Nike Cross Country Camp at Emory& Henry College


P.O BOX 223

Emory, VA 24327




Local athletes only! Download this application and mail it to reserve your spot

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