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Mission and Goals



     Train with Kenyan’s running camp’s mission is to prepare young American distant runners with quality training which leads them to a better running opportunities in colleges and professionals levels. We seek to develop global athletes for Christ by providing a uniquely Kenyan training experience. We combine Kenyan training principles and American resources in order to impact both American and Kenyan runners for Christ.

   The primary goal at Train with Kenyans Running Camp is to provide a uniquely professionalized training and education program to help develop runners of any level achieve their running goals beyond their imagination. We want to help improve distant running of young upcoming athletes in United States. High school and middle school runners of any ability from anywhere are invited to train with us. We believe that in order for athletes to run to the best of their ability they will need to work with the fastest athletes and best coaches. Kenya holds a special place in the pantheon of distance running, as it has the largest per capita pool of the most talented middle- and long-distance runners in the world. If a runner keep winning, that mean he or she is doing something important. We provide the Kenyan training experience available to everyone.


Why Kenyan training?

Since the 1960s, the nation of Kenya has dominated the distance events in track and the marathon. These statistics are even more pronounced when one also considers their annual domination of the highest level of international competition in the IAAF World Cross Country Meet.

    Some people believe that Kenyan runners are naturally FAST due to their genetics or environment. Yes, that can play a role, but in reality it is because Kenyans approach their training with PURE intention. The Kenyan method of training is often better, harder and more crystallized than the rest of the world. Did you know that Kenyans are not the ONLY fast runners; any runner from ANYWHERE can be as good as Kenyans! YOU CAN BE AS FAST AS A KENYAN. Come learn the Kenyan way of training and take your running to another level!


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